How are stuff in Pantanal

Recently circulated on the worldwide web mounts images of people dominating wild critters entitled ” How are stuff in Mato Grosso… ” .

It is interesting the subtle way – but original – found to portray characteristics and situations of this rich state. A beautiful, majestic state! However, few “of slab” (that’s what the natives of Cuiabá refers to natives of a place) and also those who are just “of heart” (the natives says those not native but already residing in place for years) knows or have the opportunity to enjoy the unique beauty found in the Pantanal. Few can boast of bravery and cunning feeling conveyed by the slogan.

It does not take much effort and is not reported here that on entering the transpantaneiro biome and see about all that nature provides here, nor feel any odors from the Pantanal diversity, or the flora and fauna there. From vegetation and animals kept by the natives to the culture for hundreds of years. Just walking a few miles on foot or on horsebacking; travel on the dirt road with a motorcycle or car and visiting some hostels, restaurants established in the region to deduce quickly that in Mato Grosso the nature prevails and gets to be arrogant and ignorant for who never visited it. The environment, so rustic enough to be cheeky addition to natural. He rightly, the man his explorer agent, devoid of it.

Dirt road to Wetland
Dirt road to Wetland

In the bigining of the Transpantaneira – the highway, a dirt road in Mato Grosso that from Poconé promised reaching in Corumbá in Mato Grosso do Sul, reaches the banks of the Cuiabá River in Porto Jofre that divides the two states – the Pantanal first-time encounters many images that end up making flourish of his senses something unusual. Wooden bridges in numbers never seen before; while caimans and capybaras in bunch and storks flock posing for photos, the bridges, in a rough style, warns the neopantaneiro to be careful. The impression one gets is that anytime, any one ounces crosses the red dirt road. Only one rain is able to islanding of the careless that arrives with inadequate means of transportation. The many sensations, impress the not yet heard sounds that echo from the interior through the vegetation fifty percent cerrado, fifty percent forest in a dry and wet petrified and sometimes, waterlogged ground.

Who goes first expects trying the food and drink and feel the way of life of the Wetland. Stay with the feeling of starting an adventure which will leave dominated by animals to quickly conclude that in reality, was drawn and then dominated by their hosts .

That´s stuff Mato Grosso!

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